Protection for aircraft hangers and facilities

Aircraft hangars and facilities are worth a lot.  It is essential to ensure the aircraft storage facility is free from any danger of fire outbreak and any potential fire hazards. It requires detailed knowledge to keep your aircraft hangers safe from a fire outbreak.

Ultimately, fire protection for aircraft hangers requires detailed knowledge and innovative technology. Most airports employ state of the art technology in ensuring aircraft storage facilities are safe from a fire outbreak. This article informs you about some measures you can take to ensure your aircraft hangers are out of any fire outbreak danger.


Building and construction codes

Observing the safety codes when building an aircraft storage facility can help to minimize the chances of fire accidents. It is essential to engage the fire protection engineers in designing the storage facility. With a perfect design of the storage facility, you can reduce the factors that increase the chances of fire outbreaks.

Install a fire alarm system

Ensuring maximum fire protection for aircraft hangers can help you reduce the chances of fire accidents in your storage facility. When you opt to install a fire alarm system, you should reach out to an expert installation technician with qualifications to ensure your alarm system works properly.


Observe safety standards

Most fire outbreaks result from mishandling of items at the storage facility. You must observe utmost care while in the storage facility. The following are the most common causes of fire at the facility:

  • Electricity faults: Fire can result from arc fault or short circuits. Power interruption can cause failure in electrical equipment at the facility.
  • Cooking related fires: This occurs if the storage facility is located close to the restaurants in the aviation terminal area.
  • Hot works: This includes activities such as welding and burning which can initiate explosions or fire.
  • Fire within the aircraft: Sometimes a fire can occur inside the aircraft and spread to other parts of the hangar.

Investigate fire incidents

Whenever fire incidents occur in the hangar, it is essential to investigate and find out the cause of such incidents. Have a detailed report about the event then reach out to an expert for advice on what you should do to ensure no repetition. In order to prevent future occurrences of fire outbreak, it is crucial to understand how the incident occurred in the first place.


Educating employees

Fire accidents occur when we least expect them. It is vital to train employees at the aircraft storage facility to ensure they are equipped with the right skills to prevent fire outbreaks. Train the personnel at the storage facility regularly on the safety precautions to ensure the facility is safe from fire incidents.

Fire protection for aircraft hangers requires installation of the right equipment for fire prevention. It is advisable to hire an expert installation technician when looking forward to installing fire alarm systems for your aircraft storage facility. Observing fire safety precautions for aircraft hangers and facilities can help you prevent the losses that occur from fire incidents.


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