Fire Protection in Hamilton: Commercial Fire Extinguishers

You already know the importance of having a well-planned out and consistently maintained fire protection system installed in your commercial building. Your alarm system, smoke detection system, and fire sprinklers will all work together to alert people to danger, summon help, and put out the fire.

Another important piece to this puzzle is having an adequate amount of commercial fire extinguishers placed throughout your property. This will ensure that your building is in compliance with local fire codes. It will also ensure that occupants can safely and quickly put out a fire small fire before it has the chance to spread and cause real danger and destruction.

A common question about commercial fire extinguishers is this: How far apart should they be spaced? How many do I need and where should I hang them in order to ensure that one is easily accessible when and if a fire breaks out? While fire safety professionals such as the ones at Lumar Fire Protection Services Inc. in Hamilton can visit your building, answer any questions you have about fire extinguishers, as well as inspect and recharge the ones you already have, here is a general guide to commercial fire extinguisher placement.

Light Fire Hazard

If your building is considered a light fire hazard, this means that it’s a location where a fire isn’t very likely to happen. Examples of light fire hazard buildings are churches, school buildings, and offices. It’s still important for these buildings to have commercial fire extinguishers on hand, though, so owners and managers of such structures should make sure one is available at least every 75 feet throughout the building.

Ordinary Fire Hazard I

Fire Safety For ApartmentsSome buildings still aren’t likely fire hazards, but tend to store items on site that are easily flammable. Because there is very little chance for these items to ignite, these buildings aren’t considered high-risk. Post offices, stores that sell fabric, and dry cleaners are good examples of buildings that are categorized as Ordinary Fire Hazard I buildings. Owners of these buildings should have commercial fire extinguishers placed every 75 feet.

Ordinary Fire Hazard II

When you have flammable items and possible sources of ignition together in one building, it gets rated as an Ordinary Fire Hazard II structure. A hardware store would fall into this category. Fires typically start in these types of buildings due to human error. In order to keep things as safe as possible, commercial fire extinguishers should be available every 30 to 50 feet throughout Ordinary Fire Hazard II buildings.

Extra Fire Hazard

These are buildings that are at a high risk of a fire breaking out because they have flammable items, combustible liquids, and possible ignition sources all in the same structure. Examples of buildings that are at a high risk of fire are upholstery stores and plastic processing plants. These environments are often very dusty, which can help fire move more quickly through the structure once it starts. In an Extra Fire Hazard building, it’s important that commercial fire extinguishers be placed no more than 30 to 50 feet apart.

Commercial Kitchens

In commercial kitchens, fires tend to break out quite regularly, as employees work with cooking fuel and flaming heat, commercial kitchens are a very high fire risk. These kitchens are located in places such as restaurants, schools, and hotels where large numbers of people gather, so safety is key. In a commercial kitchen, fire extinguishers must be readily available every 30 feet.

For any other questions regarding commercial fire extinguishers or to have your extinguishers inspected, recharged, or replaced, contact Lumar Fire Protection Inc. in Hamilton and the surrounding areas at 905 855-9993.

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