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While it’s all-too-common for commercial buildings to have fire sprinkler systems installed, it’s a somewhat newer trend for homes to feature them. This trend is a good one, and fire protection experts hope it continues to grow.

Why? Because installation of a fire sprinkler system is the absolute best way to protect your home and family from a fire. It starts working to put out fires as soon as they start. It also gives your family members—including elderly folks and hard-to-catch pets—more time to be evacuated to safety before the fire spreads.

Most homes have smoke alarms, which are an absolute necessity, but those only warn of a fire. They don’t do anything to combat it. In addition to this, people who sleep heavily or have hearing impairments may not be aware that a smoke alarm is sounding. The best protection is a system that works to put out the fire immediately.

But aren’t residential fire sprinkler systems expensive?  Aren’t they prone to malfunction, spraying water all over the place even when there’s not a fire? What if someone lights a cigar—that will set it off, right?

Despite their being in use for over a century, many myths still persist about home sprinkler systems. These myths are pervasive not only with homeowners, but also with home builders and designers. Companies like Lumar Fire Protection Inc. would like to see some of these myths finally put to rest. Here are some of the most common ones we’ve heard and why they simply aren’t true.

There’s No Way We Can Afford A Fire Sprinkler System For Our Home

In Toronto, fire sprinkler systems cost $1.72 a square foot. Not only is that affordable, it’s a relatively small price to pay for the peace of mind you get from protecting your loved ones and possessions from a dangerous fire. You’d pay more than that to carpet your house.

The Sprinklers Will Go Off All Of A Sudden And Destroy everything in the house

Fire Sprinkler System TypesSome people simply feel intimidated by the presence of those sprinkler heads dangling above them, ready for action. A bit more knowledge about how the system works will allay fears in most people. You see, each sprinkler head is plugged up with a bit of special glass that prevents any water from coming out of it. That glass is heat-sensitive—but only to extreme heat (like you’d experience in a fire). When they heat up to that point, the glass breaks and water comes gushing out.

So unless there’s a fire, there’s no way for the sprinklers to suddenly go off and wreak soggy havoc in your house.

If I Light A Cigar Or Burn A Piece Of Toast, The Smoke Will Set The Sprinklers Off

Refer to the previous myth. Fire sprinkler systems don’t react to smoke—they’re only set off by extreme levels of heat. Burn all the toast you want; the only thing you’ll set off is the smoke detector. Open the windows, grab a towel, and start fanning—but don’t worry about your sprinkler system going off.

I Only Need Sprinklers In Main Areas Of My House Such As The Living Room, Kitchen And Bedrooms

A myth about residential sprinkler systems is that sprinkler heads aren’t needed in “extra” areas such as attics and garages. The truth is that sprinklers can only work where they’re located. Should a fire start in your attic, garage, or an area where you did not install sprinkler heads, it will burn unabated in that area until the fire department arrives to put it out. If you’re installing a fire sprinkler system, provide coverage for your entire house—including “extra” areas—in order to achieve maximum protection.

These are only a few of the myths and misconceptions that people have about fire sprinkler systems. For more information, contact Lumar Fire Protection Inc at 905 855-9993. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

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