Fire Protection Services in Hamilton: Emergency Lighting

When you wander through a shopping mall, walk through your office building, or return to your apartment every day, you probably don’t think much about the emergency lighting that’s everywhere around you. You get used to seeing them every day and you don’t have to worry about installing or maintaining such things, so you take them for granted.

There are two situations in which all this changes. The first is when there’s an emergency such as a power failure or a fire. Lights that you wandered past without a thought when the rooms and hallways were well-lit and quiet can suddenly become your lifeline when an emergency happens. In an interior hallway without windows, an exit sign may be the only light visible if the power goes out. When a fire fills a room with smoke, such signs provide a lifesaving beacon for the way out. In situations like this, building occupants suddenly become very aware of all of that emergency signage.

The other situation in which you start paying attention to emergency signage is when you become a property owner. For all of the reasons mentioned above, commercial and large residential property owners are required by law to have emergency signage that’s visible and functioning properly.

Although lighted exit signs seem like simple devices, they have quite a few parts that need to be checked, maintained, and repaired to ensure that they are working properly at all times.

Here are the things to inspect on a regular basis:

Main Bulb

It’s the law that your exit sign has to be turned on and illuminated 100% of the time. In order for this to happen, the main bulb inside the sign has to be fresh and functioning. Sometimes there may be more than one main bulb. If your sign isn’t illuminating, this is the first part you should check.

Low-Voltage Bulb

When the power in your building goes out in the event of a fire or other emergency, all emergency exit signs are illuminated with low-voltage bulbs. These run on a battery (which we’ll discuss next). It is absolutely imperative for you to inspect and replace the low-voltage bulbs inside all exit signs regularly. If they’re burned out, the entire sign will stay dark during a power failure, which could result in people not being able to safely evacuate the building in an emergency.

Backup Battery

Fire Safety and Protection ServicesAs mentioned above, should the power fail, the low-voltage bulbs in your exit signs will run off of reserve, or backup batteries attached to each sign. As with the low-voltage bulb, it’s of the utmost importance that these batteries be fully-charged and 100% functional. The worst thing that can happen is for the lights to go out during a fire…and for the emergency exit signs to go dark. Your emergency exit signs are an integral part of your fire protection system.

If you do monthly checks of the exit signage in your building, it’s easy to replace burned-out bulbs and run-down batteries by simply removing the front panel of the sign and replacing the necessary part.

However, if you’ve replaced all of the bulbs, as well as the battery, but the sign is still not functioning properly (or at all), it’s time to call in an expert to repair or replace it. The professionals at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. in Hamilton and the surrounding areas are highly experienced and knowledgeable in how to assist you with all needs relating to preparing your building, protecting its occupants, and saving your property in the event of a fire.

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