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There is nothing more dangerous and destructive than a fire. While many other disasters strike by region, fire is particularly dangerous because it can strike anywhere, at any time. In homes, offices, in a variety of buildings that house retail or restaurants, fire protection is something that property owners must plan for. If they don’t, the results can be catastrophic.

What is Fire Protection?

Fire protection involves taking steps to prevent the devastating effects that can occur when a fire breaks out. In a fire emergency, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s important to have a plan laid out beforehand. Companies that specialize in fire protection study how fires behave. By doing this, they are able to supply systems that can help suppress and even put out a fire before it spreads. Such systems can also help warn people about an ongoing fire so they may escape unharmed.

More than just preventing fires, though, fire protection experts often study the aftermath of a blaze. Looking at how a fire moved, what excelled it, and what worked to stop it—these things are useful in helping to develop building codes and safety guidelines, especially for buildings that regularly have many occupants (such as apartment buildings, retail centers, and office complexes). Although there are a lot of codes to abide by when property owners start building a home or a larger structure, the codes are there for a reason. Ignoring them can result in devastating property damage—or even worse, the loss of lives.

What Does Fire Protection Do?

Fire Detection EquipmentApart from advising on the creation of building codes, fire protection service companies work hard to keep people and their property safe. One huge weapon that humans have against fire is water. This is why so many of our larger buildings are equipped with sprinkler systems.

Not just anyone can install these sprinkler systems, though. It’s always advisable to have professionals do it, as they know where each sprinkler head should be situated, as well as what type of sprinkler head to use. In fact, most local laws demand that you have professionals install fire sprinkler systems in order to ensure the safety of anyone living or working in all buildings.

In addition to sprinkler installation, fire protection professionals are required to return and inspect them on a routine basis. It may seem that once the sprinkler system is installed, that would be it, but the system is no good in the event of an emergency if it’s not working properly. Professional inspectors check the water system to make sure it’s flowing properly to all of the heads. They inspect the heads to make sure that none of them are damaged or have been removed.

More Than Just Sprinklers

Fire protection companies also work to make sure that buildings have an adequate amount of functioning fire extinguishers. Having an extinguisher on hand is excellent in the event of a small fire. In addition to checking to make sure extinguishers are provided and properly displayed in all the appropriate locations, experts will check those extinguishers to make sure they’re functioning properly. If property owners aren’t sure how to use the extinguishers, fire suppression companies are often happy to give instructions on proper fire extinguisher use (since an extinguisher used improperly is not helpful against a fire and can actually put the user in harm’s way).

Experts can also ensure that your building has proper signage and emergency lights to help guide occupants out in the event of an emergency.

This is only a small sampling of everything that fire protection experts do. You can clearly see that they are an integral part of keeping us, our families, and our property safe when a blaze breaks out!

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