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Fires break out with frightening regularity. You only need to turn on the nightly news to see a house fire, an office building that’s blazing, a fire that resulted from mishandling flammable substances in a warehouse, or a fire from faulty wiring in a retail centre. Since it can result from a variety of factors, fire is incredibly hard to predict. While we can’t know when or where a fire will break out, we can work to try to prevent it from doing large amounts of damage. This strategy is known as fire protection. Fire protection doesn’t just happen, though. In order to be successful at it, experts must spend a lot of time studying it.

Why Study Fire Protection?

The simple answer to this question is to keep us all safe. Although fire can be unpredictable in when and where it happens, once it starts to burn, it will generally follow a specific pattern. Fire protection experts know this because they spend their careers studying fire behaviors. They know what materials will feed a fire and make it grow hotter. They’re educated as to how it will react to wind currents, as well as being deprived of air.

Experts learn all of this, in part, by studying what’s left over after a fire has moved through a structure. The investigation of the aftermath reveals where a fire started, where it moved first, where it burned hottest (and why), how long it burned, and what was successful at stopping it.

That last bit is important: a fire protection expert’s goal is to find out what works to stop fires. If we can stop fires before they start—or at least halt them and confine them to one small area—we’ll prevent property from being damaged, but more importantly, we’ll keep people from being injured and losing their lives.

How Is Fire Protection Used?

Fire And Safety PreventionIf you’re a property owner who has ever built a home or commercial building, you’ve experienced some of the results of studying the behavior of fires. When you’ve worked with an architect to design your structure, you had to adhere to specific building codes—many of which were designed with fires in mind. Width of doorways and windows, the materials you are allowed to use in the structure itself, specifications about electrical work, requirements for elevator systems and access to stairwells, as well as mandatory sprinkler systems throughout large structures—these are all building codes that were designed to prevent fires or to allow easy escape and rescue of occupants should a fire break out.

Once your structure was built, you had to have inspectors come onsite and take a look at it in order to approve it before moving forward. If you own a restaurant, retail, or any sort of commercial building, you likely have occupancy restrictions that specify how many people are allowed inside at one time. This is because fire protection experts want to ensure that should the unexpected happen, everyone that’s inside has ample time to safely escape.

Sprinklers, Extinguishers, and Signs

Look around any commercial building and you’ll see the work of fire protection experts everywhere. Sprinkler heads peeking out of the ceiling and upper walls will go off to put out a fire once they sense heat. Fire extinguishers are at the ready, should you need one. Emergency lighting, exit signs, and instructions not to use the elevator in case of a fire—all of these are designed to keep occupants safe. In addition to making sure these items are initially installed, fire protection experts will return on a regular basis to ensure that they’re still in place and functioning properly. After all, the job of keeping us safe is one that never ends!

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