Fire Protection Hamilton: Sprinkler Systems

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are often large and quite complex. There’s a reason why fire protection experts are needed to install, inspect, and repair them in order to keep things working great!

Even with the utmost in care and maintenance, though, sometimes things can go wrong. A leak somewhere in the system can cause the water pressure to drop suddenly, setting off alarms and causing a flurry of activity before the source of the problem is pinpointed. Water in pipes can freeze and the system can overheat.

When something goes awry with your fire sprinkler system, the first step should be to call the team at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. so that a technician can come out, confirm and repair the problem. While you’re talking with fire protection professionals on the phone or waiting for them to arrive, here are a few things you can check for in order to get an idea of what may be going on with the system.

System Overheating

Sprinkler heads are activated when extreme heat causes the glass bulbs in a head to break, allowing water to flow through. In most environments, the temperature never gets high enough for this to be an everyday concern. If your building houses an environment where the temperatures near the ceiling (and thus near your sprinkler heads) reach close to 68 °C (155 °F), you may need to talk to your fire protection company about installing heads that can withstand higher temperatures without activating.

Frozen Water in Pipes

Fire Sprinkler MythsGenerally, if you have a sprinkler system that’s going to be exposed to below-freezing temperatures, professionals will recommend installation of a dry pipe system. In these systems, water isn’t constantly held within the network of pipes. Instead, pressurized air fills the pipes, holding the water back in the system’s reservoir until one of the sprinkler heads is activated, letting the pressurized air out and allowing the water to flow into action.

However, even if your location is perfect for a wet pipe system, the unexpected can happen and pipes can sometimes freeze. Fire sprinkler system pipes are just like any others and frozen water expanding inside of them can cause them to crack, burst, and leak. In order to prevent this from reoccurring, technicians will add antifreeze to the water in the system or insulate the pipes.


Sometimes, bad things just happen and our sprinkler system bears the brunt of that bad luck. Someone operating machinery may back up and hit a system pipe, breaking or damaging it. A person who is tinkering with the system may over-tighten a fitting or do something that harms a sprinkler head. (This is why it’s always important to have a professional do all of the work on your system.) Whenever damage occurs, call Lumar Fire Protection Hamilton right away so that you can have it repaired as soon as possible.

Rusting and Corrosion

When your sprinkler system is professionally inspected, technicians will check sprinkler heads, pipes, joints, heads, and other parts to ensure that nothing is corroded. If you notice any part beginning to rust or wear away, it’s smart to get it replaced immediately before it has a chance to cause problems.

Now that you have a guide to some of the most common things that can go wrong with your system, you’re equipped to keep an eye out and hopefully identify problems when something goes wrong—and even before they go wrong. If something doesn’t look right, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. in Hamilton at 905 855-9993 to come out and inspect your system.

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