Fire Protection in Hamilton: Fire Emergency

You only need to flip on the nightly news to see yet another fire tearing through a building in your area. When a fire breaks out, it can be devastating. Belongings and valuables are lost forever. Properties are damaged or destroyed. Worst of all, people are often injured and lives are lost.

The most important investment you can make to guard your property and its occupants against a fire is a fire protection system installed by a team of experts such as the ones at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. Protecting your property against a fire is a multi-leveled process. First, you’ll need an alarm system. This will be connected into a smoke detection system, as well as a fire sprinkler system. You’ll also need to provide an ample amount of fire extinguishers throughout your property. Exit signs and emergency lighting will top off your fire protection system.

Simply putting these items in place is not enough, however, if the occupants of your building don’t know what to do in the event of an emergency such as a fire. When something unexpected happens, things can get chaotic, so it’s important to talk about this ahead of time, plan ahead, and even have drills in order to practice.

Here’s what should happen in the event of a fire:

When You Hear the Alarm Sound, Leave

Whether sensors have picked up smoke or extreme heat has set off a sprinkler somewhere, the first warning of trouble will be your alarm system sounding. When this happens, there’s no time to waste. Even if you don’t smell smoke or see fire anywhere, everyone needs to evacuate the building in a safe and orderly fashion.

Your Sprinklers Will Activate

In whatever area the fire is burning, your fire sprinkler system will activate. They activate through heat breaking the glass bulbs inside of each sprinkler head, so they’ll only go off in areas where the fire is actually burning—not where there is smoke. As you evacuate the building, rest assured that your sprinkler system is doing its job.

Call 911

Your alarm system monitoring company will likely contact emergency responders as soon as the alarm is activated, but if no one has arrived by the time you evacuate the building, go ahead and call 911 just to be safe.

Do a Headcount

Take a count of everyone who has exited the building to ensure that everyone emerged safely. If anyone is missing, alert emergency personnel—don’t go back into the building by yourself.

Only Go Back in When Firefighters Say It’s Ok

After the fire has been safely extinguished and the fire department says you can go back inside the building, you may reenter to survey the damage and collect any belongings. Remove whatever valuables you can (so that they don’t linger inside with the smell of smoke).

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Company

It’s important to do this as soon as possible so that you can file a claim and get on the road to repair and recovery as soon as possible.

Discussing these steps with people who work or live in your building can help everyone be prepared and know what to do before an emergency occurs. Because things can become quite chaotic in the midst of a fire, having drills where everyone can practice these steps, walk through evacuation routes, and know where to meet up outside can help people more easily remember what to do in the adrenaline-filled action of a real-life emergency.

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