Effective Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire sprinkler installation is pretty common, especially in commercial buildings or in very large, multi-family residential buildings. Although we see them all the time, most people don’t think much of them. They’re simply there, just waiting until a fire sets them off. We often don’t understand exactly how they work (and are a bit suspicious of them, truth be told). We also don’t fully understand just how effective these little devices are.

How Do They Work?

Fire Sprinkler SuppliersThe tiny sprinkler head nozzles that you see are only the tip of a very large iceberg. All of those little heads are tied into an extensive piping system that contains water that’s under a huge amount of pressure.

The sprinkler heads aren’t activated by smoke (as a lot of people think they are), but by intense heat. If a fire starts and things heat up, tiny glass tubes inside nearby sprinkler heads start to break. All of that water that’s under pressure in the piping system? That’s right—it then has the chance to escape, shooting out in strategic directions to cover the area where the fire is burning hot.

Despite movies and TV shows that feature scenes with fire sprinkler systems going off and spraying the interior of an entire building with water, that’s not how they actually work. The sprinkler heads in the area of the fire are the only ones that will be triggered. Typically, it only takes one or two sprinkler heads to put out a fire. They may be small, but they work incredibly well.

So They DO Work?

Definitely! While improvements in building codes and materials have been huge in preventing and containing fires, as well as saving lives, fire protection experts wholeheartedly agree that fire sprinkler systems are the absolute best way to protect a structure against a blaze. Repeated studies throughout the world have shown that the installation of a fire sprinkler system creates a success rate of over 96% when it comes to successfully putting out fires.

Not only do they work; they also work quickly. As soon as the heat reaches a specific temperature, the sprinkler system goes off and begins distributing water. A functional fire sprinkler system will start putting out a fire before rescue workers can arrive on site to get people out and begin battling the blaze. There’s a good reason that these systems have been in use for well over a hundred years.

Speaking of distribution of water, fire sprinkler systems don’t simply spray water in random directions. When the system is installed, experts such as the ones at Lumar Fire Protection Inc will install specific sprinkler heads in specific places. Each one is designed to distribute water in a specific pattern, directing it away from a ceiling or corner wall, for instance, or perhaps spraying generously in all directions (if it’s placed in the centre of a large area).

What About Smoke Alarms?

The effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems doesn’t mean that they should be used alone. Smoke detection systems are still an incredibly important part of protecting your home, business, property, as well as the lives of those within.

Smoke detection systems used alone aren’t as effective as sprinkler systems, however, elderly individuals with hearing impairments might not realize a smoke alarm is sounding. Intoxicated individuals or teenagers often sleep through them. Small children and pets may not be able to escape.

Simply put, when a fire starts, the best way to deal with it is to extinguish it. And the best way to extinguish it is with a professionally-installed sprinkler system. Contact Lumar Fire Protection Inc. in Hamilton at 905 855-9993 in order to get any additional questions answered by the knowledgeable experts there.

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