Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire Sprinkler ServicesOne of the most effective fire protection strategies is the installation of fire sprinklers throughout your home or commercial building. Imagine: in a structure without sprinklers, the smoke detection system will go off, warning occupants of a fire. If it’s a small fire, someone may be able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. If it’s a large fire or if no one is present in the building at the time the fire starts, the blaze will continue to spread and burn until the fire department arrives to contain it.

With a good fire sprinkler installation, you’re able to combat the fire much sooner. When the fire gets hot, the heat will break the tiny glass pieces in nearby sprinkler heads, allowing water to spray out and attack the fire. The only sprinkler heads that will go off are the ones that are close enough to the fire to have the glass broken out of them (this is important, as many people wrongly assume that at the first hint of smoke, all of the sprinkler heads will suddenly shoot water). Having a well-installed, functioning sprinkler system is like having a tiny fire department at the ready, waiting to put out any sudden blazes. When the real fire department arrives, your sprinkler system will have made their job somewhat easier, hopefully having put out the fire or weakened it.

Use a Professional

The first thing to know about installing a sprinkler system is that you should really use a professional fire protection company to do it. In this day of do-it-yourself projects and lots of information on the internet, many people try to educate themselves as much as possible and attempt to save money by performing various repairs and installations without using a professional. Simply put: saving money by cutting corners when installing a sprinkler system is NOT worth it. Use a professional.

Why? Because a fire protection service knows fires, as well as sprinkler systems. Since this is their line of work, they know how these systems should function. The last thing in the world you want to have happen is to install a sprinkler system and only find out that it’s not working once a fire breaks out.

Keep Them Maintained

In addition to a professional installation, it’s also a good idea to use fire protection experts to inspect and maintain your fire sprinkler system. They’ll check the nuts and bolts of the system to ensure that the parts you don’t frequently see are up to par and working flawlessly. They know how to inspect the gauges, valves, and the backflow system to ensure that when water is needed, it’s ready to go.

One thing you can do to ensure that your system is in working order is to visually inspect the sprinkler heads on a regular basis. If you notice that any of them look damaged in any way, call to have them replaced. When doing any remodelling work, never remove or cover any sprinkler head. Each one of the heads in your system has been strategically placed in order to ensure thorough water coverage in the event of a fire. Also make sure that you don’t get paint on any of the sprinkler heads, as this can obstruct water flow and keep them from functioning properly. It’s worth noting that in commercial buildings, many inspection guidelines require replacement of sprinkler heads that have paint on them.

A sprinkler system that’s been properly installed and meticulously maintained by fire protection experts provides huge peace of mind. It’s nice to know that it’s there working when you’re in the building, as well as when you’re away.

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