What Types of Fire Sprinklers in Mississauga Are Available for Homeowners and Businesses?

Fire Sprinklers MississaugaOne of the smartest decisions anyone can make is to invest in fire sprinklers. Mississauga residents and businesses can acquire a quality sprinkler system that is designed to meet their requirements. Lives, money, and property are saved when the sprinklers are installed correctly. A disaster could occur at any time, so you will want to be prepared all the time.

If you are interested in fire protection, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of this type of system and your options. Some types of systems are ideal for small residential homes and some are ideal for large commercial or industrial buildings. Regardless of what type of system you require, it should meet all of the codes and standards of the National Fire Protection Association.

Standalone and Multipurpose Fire Sprinklers

Here is an overview of these two types of systems:

  • Multipurpose: With this system, the fire sprinklers and the cold-water plumbing lines in the building are integrated. The sprinkler performs just like a plumbing fixture. A multipurpose system is specifically for residential use.
  • Standalone: An extra system of piping is required for this type of sprinkler system that is kept isolated from the drinking water supply with the use of a backflow preventer. The good thing about a standalone system is that it doesn’t have to use water. It’s the ideal choice for dry chemical fire suppression in areas extremely vulnerable to water damage, such as computer labs or electronic equipment storage rooms.

A multipurpose system is ideal in most cases, as it is the more cost-effective solution. You won’t have to worry about antifreeze or backflow costs, and accidental shutoff is prevented. Also, if water is used in a standalone system, it does not circulate, and may be susceptible to stagnation, depending on the type of piping it is used with.

How Fire Sprinklers Work

While sprinkler heads vary by manufacturer, most are heat activated. Some are designed with a bulb that is filled with a special liquid that expands when exposed to a lot of heat. Some sprinkler heads might feature a soldered link that melts at a specific temperature. The number of sprinklers required depends on the size of the room.

A lot of sprinkler systems include a flow alarm that goes off when the sprinklers are activated. An alarm bell can be installed on the outside of the building to alert neighbours or surrounding businesses. Some fire protection systems can be integrated with the security system, and to alert the local fire department when activated.

To prevent water damage, the systems are designed so that only one sprinkler – the one closest to the fire- will release water at a time. In many cases, this is enough to put the fire out.

Fire Sprinkler Installation and Retrofit

It’s ideal to install a sprinkler system during new construction. However, retrofits are possible as well. The amount of time and money the project will cost you depends on what type of sprinkler system you need, the size of the project, the layout of the building, whether you need installation or retrofit, etc.

It’s best to talk with fire sprinklers Mississauga experts to learn about your options. Even after the installation process, the fire protection system will still require inspection and maintenance.

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