Fire Sprinkler System Installation

The prospect of a fire breaking out in your home or commercial building is a truly frightening one. If it’s a small fire, someone may be able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. But what if it’s a large fire, or what if no one is currently on site to attempt to put it out? Smoke detection systems will sound and fire monitoring systems will alert the fire department, but all the while, the fire will burn out of control. This can result in catastrophic damage to the structure and the loss of very expensive property. Even more worrying—if people become trapped in the building or if there are pets, small children, or elderly people who don’t hear smoke alarms or are unable to find their way out to safety—lives could be lost.

In order to quell these concerns and take control of fires before they can become truly destructive, many home and building owners install fire sprinkler systems. These systems are absolutely the ultimate in fire protection safety strategies. The way they function is simple, but they work incredibly well: sprinkler heads are attached to a pipe system that contains water that’s under a large amount of pressure. Each sprinkler head is plugged with a glass bulb that will shatter when it’s exposed to high temperatures. When the glass shatters, water is released from the orifice, shooting towards the sprinkler nozzle that is tailored to disperse the water in a specific direction.

When it comes to combating fires quickly, there is simply no better way than doing it with a sprinkler system. It’s important, however, that your residential or commercial fire sprinkler system be installed by professionals who are experienced in working with these devices. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. has technicians that are knowledgeable and highly-skilled at installing and maintaining a variety of different kinds of sprinkler systems in buildings large and small.

Kinds of Systems

Fire Sprinkler SystemsFire Sprinkler system aren’t one-size-fits-all, and Lumar Fire Protection Inc. is equipped to advise you on the kind of system that will work best for your property. If the system will be installed in a place where it will be exposed to freezing temperatures, a dry pipe system may work best. Rather than holding water within the pipes (where it could freeze and cause damage), these pipe systems contain pressurized air. When a sprinkler head is activated, water is allowed to enter the pipes and fill the system, effectively staunching the blaze.

Many buildings contain deluge systems. These fire sprinkler systems feature sprinklers that are open, rather than being closed with glass bulbs. When the detection system goes off, a valve opens and allows water to flow into the pipes and out of the sprinkler heads. Deluge systems are ideal in environments that are considered at a high risk for fire dangers (places where chemicals are stored/processed or power plants, for instance).

Another option for high-risk areas is the foam water system. In addition to water, this system sprays out a low expansion foam concentrate. Because some types of fires can’t be suppressed with water (fires involving certain chemicals are one example) foam water systems are an excellent choice for places where this is a concern.

A pre-action system is similar to a dry pipe system because it doesn’t hold water within its pipes at all times. Unlike a dry pipe system, it doesn’t use pressurized air to keep the water at bay. Instead, it uses an electrical valve (a pre-action valve) to release the water when needed. These kinds of systems are frequently used in places that store fine arts, archival documents, and rare books.

No matter what kind of building you own, contact Lumar Fire Protection Inc. to answer all of your questions and work to design the fire sprinkler system needed to keep your property safe.

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