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Of all of the catastrophes and natural disasters that can affect a commercial building, fire is one of the number one concerns. Once a fire is sparked, it can quickly move through a structure. Thousands of dollars of property can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Even more frightening—if people or animals are trapped inside, injuries and loss of life can result.

The scary thing about fire is that it’s impossible to tell when, where, or why they will start. Commercial buildings are of particular concern because there is often so much activity going on in and around them. Human error is one of the most common causes of fires in commercial buildings, whether it’s people misusing equipment or failing to extinguish a cigarette in the proper place. Large commercial buildings also typically contain furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and other heat-producing systems and devices. If flammable materials are placed too closely to these, fire can result.

Fire Sprinklers: The Ultimate Protection

Thankfully, most commercial buildings are also equipped with fire sprinkler systems that work quickly and effectively to put out fires, both large and small. When installed by a company such as Lumar Fire Protection Inc., these systems are customized to cover all areas where fire could potentially be an issue.

Fire sprinkler systems aren’t just a good idea; they’re considered to be the number one most effective way to protect a structure against a fire. Unlike smoke detection systems, fire sprinkler systems work to actually extinguish the fire as soon as the sprinkler heads become activated by high heat.

Don’t Set Them and Forget Them

Fire Sprinklers MississaugaThese systems can’t simply be installed and forgotten. Routine maintenance and inspection is incredibly important to ensure that your fire sprinklers are working properly when they’re needed. The best way to take care of this maintenance is to hire fire protection experts to take care of your fire sprinkler system from top to bottom.

The professionals at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. know just how to keep your fire sprinkler system in working order and ready to go. They’ll perform a visual inspection of all of the sprinkler heads to ensure that none of them are missing, damaged, or obstructed. You can help this go more smoothly by ensuring that no one ever hangs anything near or from any sprinkler head, paints over them, or removes them for any reason.

They’ll inspect control valves for any leaks and make sure they’re accessible and positioned properly. They’ll also check all of the gauges of the wet pipe system to ensure that the system is charged with the proper water pressure (as low pressure may result in inadequate flow when the sprinklers are engaged during a fire). They’ll also inspect the gauges of the dry system and check the water and air pressure there.

Fire protection professionals are required to do annual inspections on all commercial sprinkler systems. This certified inspection can only be done by a technician that is licensed to do so. In addition to checking sprinkler heads and system gauges, technicians will test alarm devices to make sure they will sound in an emergency. They’ll also check parts throughout the entire system, from valves to fittings, heads to hangars, as well as the backflow system.

Proper Function Depends on Proper Maintenance

When you have a sprinkler system installed, your hope is that you’ll never need to use it. To ensure that your system will work properly in the event of a fire, however, it’s important to hire professionals at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. at 905 855-9993 to inspect your system and keep it constantly in tip-top shape.

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